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Great Aussie Camp Out

At Gondwana we're all about enjoying the outdoors. So when we heard about the Great Aussie Camp Out happening on the 12th of October this year we got more than a tad bit excited.

The Great Aussie Camp Out brings together thousands of Australians for one big night where they can share the experience of camping out under the stars... in their backyards, on a river bank, in a camp, a park, a caravan park, in fact, anywhere they may feel like. This year it's already looking like that there will be well over 10,000 official participants expected, and many, many more joining in.

We're delighted to be helping promote this event and to be offering special offers to participants registered for this years event. 

Participation is free and you can register online at www.greataussiecampout.org.au/register-for-gaco-2013.

What are you waiting for? Take out those hiking shoes from under the bed, pull out a nice warm fleece from the cupboard and get ready for a night of enjoying the great outdoors.
Posted by Gondwana on 25th September, 2013
Categories: Events
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