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More Than Just Panda Food

With a rich selection of styles in seasonal solid colours, beautiful chambrays and checks, there is something to suit every outdoor addict in this season's range of ACR Bamboo shirts.

Perfect for relaxation, fun and adventure, utilising eco-conscious fabrics, our ACR Bamboo shirts ensure that wherever you are, you will be able to focus on enjoying the moment. 

What makes these shirts so special? They deliver flawless next-to-skin comfort, natural bacteria (odour) repelling properties, the ability to wick moisture and a host of other fantastic characteristics. Delivering rugged durability, protection from the elements and best of all they will be around for many adventures to come.

The Gondwana ACR Bamboo shirting range is made from an eco-conscious bamboo/cotton blend that utilises the very best that Mother Nature has to offer. Bamboo is an easily grown crop, with no need for pesticides and requiring little water to grow. It’s also much kinder to the environment than other materials.

Our ACR Bamboo shirts are an easy to wear wardrobe staple, taking you from work to the laziest of backyard BBQs and exploring the urban jungle to the greatest of outdoor adventures.

Layer with a comfortable tee and pair with our ACR Recycled pants - your summer look will be comfy and eco-conscious!
Posted by Gondwana on 10th October, 2013
Categories: Summer
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