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7 Pieces Of Travel Advice

With vacation plans being made and talk around the office of where everyone is heading this holiday season, we posed the question, “What is your number one travel tip?” to the team here at Gondwana.

So just what were some of the hot travel tips being discussed…

“Contact wherever you are staying to confirm the location details and recommended transport method (if you are traveling somewhere that you don’t speak the language - ask them to send you the written address in the local language) and to let you know how long it will take to get from the airport/port, as well as how much it will cost.  This way you will be able to pass the address to the taxi/bus/driver and know how long to expect the trip to take and cost.” – Catriona, Product Manager

“Research the destination online before you go, to pick up handy tips from those that have traveled there before you.” – Stuart, General Manager.

"Always pack a travel robe instead of bulky towels, something like a multi-use sarong is perfect." - Michela, Outdoor Addict

“Smart layering is a good way to save on taking lots of bulky clothing, especially when going to cooler climates. I took 2 sets of the Gondwana Body Map with me to the UK during my last trip and they kept me warm and dry along with the Whyalla jacket. Eliminating the need for extra heavy woolens.” – Sue, Finance.

“On long haul flights, take a full change of clothing with you in your hand luggage. It’s great to be able to get completely changed and freshen up on your stop over. This will make you feel much more human on the second leg of a long haul flight.” – Liana, Product Developer.

“Plan your expenses, save up as much as you think you will need and then double it.” – Margarita, Product Team Member.

“If you like to take lots of photos and you know you’re going to be away from a power supply for quite some time, pack some extra batteries so that you can document all those great moments. Getting to the summit only to find your camera has no power may not ruin the experience but it would be a shame to carry it all that way and not be able to use it. ” – Nicole, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator.
Posted by Gondwana on 28th October, 2013
Categories: Helpful advice
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