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Great Aussie Camp Out 2014

Great Aussie Camp Out

There is so much going on in our lives these days, that occasionally, we need to take a step back and connect with the simple things in life and what better way for us all to do that than spend a night out camping. This year's Great Aussie Camp Out is the perfect excuse - not that you need one, right?

The Great Aussie Camp Out (GACO), will bring together thousands of Australians for one big night under the stars on Saturday the 11th of October, where they can share the experience of camping.

Participation is free and you can register online at www.greataussiecampout.org.au. You can camp in your backyard, your neighbours backyard (preferably with their permission), on a river bank, on a farm, in one of the hundreds of National Parks, at a residential camp or caravan park. For those needing some advice in planing their camping experince, the GACO website has some with great tips and resources available, including a list of events happening right around Australia.
At Gondwana we're delighted to be helping promote this event for the second year in a row and to be offering special offers to participants registered for this years event. There are even some Gondwana Men's, Women's and Kid's products being given away as prizes to those who have registered.

What are you waiting for? Take out those hiking shoes from the cupboard, pull out a warm fleece from the wardrobe and get ready for a night of enjoying the great outdoors.
Posted by Gondwana on 11th August, 2014
Categories: Events, Life's better in our great outdoors
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