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Summer '14 - Life's Better In Our Great Outdoors

The Gondwana Summer 14 range has been developed for real people – doing real things. Be it travel, camping, hiking or any outdoor adventure pursuit.

Our logo which symbolises the vitality of the brand’s philosophy continues to inspire all of us at ‘Gondwana’. We are excited about the future of our brand and are enthusiastic about every facet of the evolution of our business.

The Gondwana Summer 14 range is an example of this enthusiasm with its further development of the look and feel of the Gondwana brand.

This season the design team has built on what we do best through a variety of fresh styles and updates to the core range. Through the use of technical and eco-conscious fabrics, each item in the range has been designed to perform in our unique environment, with the best functional features to maximise comfort and protection. The range is attainable, practical and distinctly Australian.We see outdoor adventure as a family activity and as such have expanded our range of kids Gondwana gear to include shirts, tees, shorts and pants for even the littlest adventure seekers.
Posted by Gondwana on 10th September, 2014
Categories: Summer, Life's better in our great outdoors
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