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7 Tips For Travelling With The Family This Summer

7 Tips For Travelling With The Family This Summer

With the smell of summer in the air there was talk around the office about taking our families out for day trips to explore the great outdoors. We posed the question, “What's your number one piece of travel advice for a day out with the family in summer? ” to the team here at Gondwana.

So just what were some of the hot tips being discussed, for when taking the family out on a day trip this summer...

"For those heading out on a picnic, put a small (or big, depending on the size of your cooler) watermelon in the freezer the night before your day out. This way, you will have refreshingly cool watermelon once you hit your destination and won’t need to worry about putting any ice packs into your cooler." – Liana, Product Developer.

"Always be prepared. Rain, hail or shine be prepared for all conditions and make sure that if you’re in the sun to always reapply your sunscreen and stay hydrated!" - Lauren, Customer Service

"Bring a spare change of clothes for the kids, for those just in case moments." - Yvonne, Product Developer.

"Roadside treats during car travel can be expensive and nutritionally unsound. Carry a small collapsing insulated bag and include a selection of healthy snacks to stave off the Cookie Monster." - Sue, Finance.

"Stop and smell the roses. Don't be in a rush enjoy the time away with your loved ones." - Stephen, Owner.

"Pretty simple and easy for me and my family. Do not forget the sunscreen, hats and water." - Hayden, Business Development Manager.

"Research not just your destination but the areas you pass through on your way to where you're heading. It's not just about the destination, but how you get there that can turn a road-trip from just another one, to one to remember for years to come." – Nicole, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator.
Posted by Gondwana on 25th September, 2014
Categories: Helpful advice, Summer, Life's better in our great outdoors
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