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Leaving Room For Adventure

Properly packing for a trip away is a necessity and while looking good is important, being protected from the elements in the right gear is just as vital.

When packing for a trip to Byron Bay our Marketing and Social Media Coordinator Nicole aimed to pack as light as she could, whilst ensuring she would be protected from the elements. She jokes that at least 75% of her luggage was water sport gear and the rest was everything else.

Here’s a sneak peek inside what Nicole packed for several days of surfing, hanging out at cafes with friends, and exploring.
Technical light weight clothes to pack

1. Vansittart Travel Light Tee 2. Bedarra ACR Plus Recycled Short 3. Geikie Hydrolite Ripstop Dress
Posted by Gondwana on 7th November, 2014
Categories: Helpful advice, Summer
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