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Road-trip From Melbourne To Adelaide


Giant Koala
Giant Koala


Welcome to South Australia
Welcome to South Australia

Lauren from our sales team with a group of her friends packed up the car and made the road-trip from Melbourne to Adelaide for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo last month. They set out with the intention to not only save some money, but to have an amazing trip with close friends.

Taking advantage of the great weather they took the time to admire the beautiful scenery of Western Victoria (including the Grampians), and stopped to dine at local bakeries and pubs.

On their trip they stopped at Ararat a former gold-mining town, Horsham which is the center of Western Victoria's wheat and wool industry, Dadswell Bridge where they said 'hi' to the Giant Koala, the Victorian and South Australian boarder to take a happy snap, and Bordertown in the heart of the Tatiara region.

By all reports it sounds like they enjoyed a great trip!

Lauren's handy road-trip tips:
  • Pack water and healthy snacks for in between stops.
  • Make small pit stops to stretch your legs, get fuel and have a bathroom break.
  • Make longer stops for dinner/lunch to let the car cool and for you to enjoy the country towns. We really enjoyed eating at small country pubs and bakeries.
  • When stopping take the time to enjoy the scenery and what’s around you.
  • Create multiple playlists of great songs to enjoy whilst driving.
    Playlist Top 5 Songs:
    1. Teenage Kicks - One Direction
    2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
    3. If I Lose Myself - One Republic
    4. Thunderstruck - AC/DC
    5. Raise Your Glass - Pink

Posted by Gondwana on 4th December, 2014
Categories: Life's better in our great outdoors, Helpful advice
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