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Welcome, Tim Addicoat

Outdoor Addict Tim Addicoat
Tim Addicoat (Photo credit: P1xels)

Outdoor Addict Tim Addicoat
Tim Addicoat (Photo credit: P1xels)

We are excited to announce that Tim Addicoat, a long time friend of Gondwana, has now joined our team of Outdoor Addicts.

Tim's passion for the outdoors is rooted deep in his way of life, he lives, breathes, and sleeps adventure.

Tim moved to Melbourne from the Macedon Ranges several years ago and has become quite accustomed to the ‘brunch culture’ of the city, but he still loves all things outdoors, whether it be in the bush, on a cliff face, or even in the urban jungle, adventure is everywhere you just have to find it.

When the weather is good and not too cold you will usually find him climbing somewhere in one of the many great cliffs in Victoria, but his personal favorite is Mt Arapiles. And when the weather is a bit colder its more likely that you will find him trying to get to the mountains for a bit of snowboarding.
Posted by Gondwana on 23rd July, 2015
Categories: Outdoor Addicts
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