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Kristan Fischer - INCARCUS Trophy
Kristan Fischer

Kristan Fischer - INCARCUS Trophy
Kristan Fischer

Kristan Fischer - INCARCUS Trophy
Kristan Fischer


The countdown is on until Gondwana Outdoor Addict Kristan Fischer takes off in the ICARUS Trophy, the longest, toughest, and roughest paramotor race on the planet.

"So far this has been 10 months in the planning and I'm stoked to see it all finally coming together and seeing the fruits of my work. Routes have been planned, gear checked and trialed and a hell of a lot of fun has been had along the way." says Kristan.

The ICARUS Trophy is the longest, toughest and roughest paramotor race. It is a test of endurance, skill and flight for 2000km across America completely unsupported. The journey starts with up to 30 pilots from all around the world taking off on the 12th of October in Eatonville, Washington, and finishing at BlackHawk Paramotors, Valley Springs, California.

"Of course it should go without saying but there is some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet that I intent to explore, cover and experience during this journey. Because this is more than just a race, it's an experiential adventure too!" says Kristan.

This is a pioneer race held by The Adventurists. It has never been attempted before and is not just a race - it is an adventure.

Posted by Gondwana on 21st September, 2015
Categories: Outdoor Addicts
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