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Tips For Enjoying Coffee In Our Great Outdoors

We asked Gondwana Outdoor Addict and passionate coffee drinker Jean Cheney of Traveling Honeybird what her top three tips are for enjoying a cup (or mug) of coffee in our great outdoors this International Coffee Day.

To help you celebrate International Coffee Day here are Jean's top three tips for enjoying coffee when you're on the road of adventure;

  1. Acquire a reliable, sturdy plastic coffee cup. We prefer KeepCup for it's durability and versatility. It works wonders holding small first aid kits, fits in a regular sized hand and offers some great colors making it a little less likely to be left behind at camp. These are also great for keeping your coffee warmer for longer.

  2. Fresh is best for the bean. Freshly ground that is. If you are a true coffeenerd and love the outdoors as much as we do than you'll certainly want a Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder. It's light weight at 248g and has the ability to adjust grind. If you don't have the time to grind away or maybe not the inclination to carry the extra wait then why not try out Jiva Cubes? Fresh coffee and sugar squished into a super convenient cube.

  3. Share generously. Your morning/mid day/afternoon/10pm coffee moment is a great excuse to relax, unwind and share with the people around you. We love using our coffee time in the morning to have a light hearted discussion with our fellow adventurers.

Posted by Gondwana on 30th September, 2015
Categories: Outdoor Addicts, Helpful advice
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