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Outdoor Date Ideas

Outdoor Date Ideas
Gondwana Outdoor Addicts: Kristan Fischer and Teddi Threatt

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, not that we need an excuse, but why not spend it in our great outdoors with someone you’re smitten for. With the promise of fresh air, sunshine, and the thrill of adventure, they’re sure to say 'yes' to the right outdoorsy date invite.

The options are endless as to what you can do, that's why we’ve put together for you our top 20 Valentine’s Day outdoor date ideas, ranging from the unconventional to the traditional, and the easy going to the thrill-seeking.

  • Playing a round of mini golf or heading to the driving range
  • Take a tour on foot of your city or town
  • Go for a bike ride via a café you’ve not yet been to but want to try
  • Take a hike, it could be a short 1 hour hike to several hours long
  • Play a match or two of tennis
  • Spend a night or more away and go camping
  • A picnic in the local park can be romantic
  • Go fishing and who ever doesn’t catch a fish has to cook dinner
  • Head to the beach for a splash in the water
  • Go on a road trip (check out our must have road trip playlist)
  • Take things to a new height and go rock climbing or bouldering, if the weather is bad you can also go to an indoor climbing gym
  • Take a romantic hot air balloon ride
  • Get all traditional with a horse ride along the beach
  • Play on the water by going canoeing, kayaking, or hiring a row boat
  • See who has the better aim and try archery or go to the local shooting range
  • Go fruit picking and cook up some tasty treats afterwards with the fruit you’ve picked
  • If you’re both not afraid of heights a tree top walk might be your thing or even go sky diving
  • Get your pulse racing with a few laps in a race car or go kart
  • Explore the underwater world and go snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Get down and dirty and go caving

Posted by Gondwana on 4th February, 2016
Categories: Life's better in our great outdoors
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