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Recycled Fabrics

You’d be amazed at how much rubbish us Earth dwellers create! Each year thousands of tonnes of waste is dumped into landfill and left there to slowly (and we mean slowly!) decompose. However, so much of what we call ‘rubbish’ is actually re-usable. By recycling plastic consumer items and converting them into brand new clothing, we are not only reducing landfill, but saving oil and reducing harmful air emissions that contribute to acid rain, global warming and smog.

So where we can, without compromising the performance of our product, we always aim to use eco fabrics.

The process.


Plastic consumer bottles are gathered at recycled plants. The caps and labels are removed, and the bottles are washed and sterilized so they are clean and ready for manufacturing.

Once washed, sterilized and clean the recyclable plastic bottles are bundled together. They are then crushed and chopped into tiny plastic flakes, much like sawdust.

The plastic flakes are then poured into huge vats, melted and stirred until they become a thick liquid. The liquid is then pushed through a sieve-like machine, forming long, thin, plastic strands.

The fibrous plastic strands are stretched and manipulated to become strong polyester fibre. This fibre is then knitted or woven into fabric.
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