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September 2013

Gondwana Summer 13 Range – The Great Road Trip

The recently released Gondwana Summer 13 range is the culmination of the dynamic change that has been going on with the Australian outdoor apparel company Gondwana.

Producing great product that will enhance the outdoor adventurer’s experience has been the focus for the Gondwana Summer 13 range. Through the use of technical and eco-friendly fabrics, and clever styling, a synergy has been created that bridges the gap between outdoor and lifestyle apparel. 

“The Gondwana Summer 13 range is for people who want to go further, see more and simply get out there,” says Catriona Dolphin, Product Manager. “The design team have been building on what we do best and have raised the bar with new fabric developments, new styles and updates to our core offerings.”

 A seasonal favourite and highlight of the Gondwana Summer 13 range is the ACR Bamboo Chambray shirts. The team at Gondwana have developed a bamboo/cotton chambray fabric that performs as flawlessly when worn queuing in the summer sun for concert tickets as it does when scaling rugged cliffs for that perfect view. With the ability to wick moisture and breathe, comfort is ensured and the added bonus of naturally repelling bacteria means you’ll stay fresher for longer.

Visit the website at www.gondwanaoutdoor.com.au

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