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November 2013

Gondwana Supports Couple Trekking The Canning Stock Route In WA

Gondwana is proud to be supporting Mick and Rose on their trek of the Canning Stock Route from Halls Creek to Wiluna, in Western Australia. Heading off on the 1st of July, 2014 their aim is to complete the trek in 8 weeks unaided. They’ll be carrying all their own supplies and are determined to be the first husband and wife team to complete the Cannning Stock Route from start to finish unaided.

Not only is it a personal challenge for them, they are also doing it to create suicide awareness and prevention, raising as much money as possible to donate to Suicide Prevention Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, so they can continue working towards preventing suicide here in Australia.

Mick and Rose will be accompanied by their son Saxon and nephew Harley in vehicles. They will be carrying their own supplies, first aid equipment and filming/photography equipment. Both these vehicles will not be assisting them in any way, shape or form. They are purely there as the film crew and for life threatening emergencies, and if Mick and Rose need assistance in any way the trek will be deemed unsuccessful.

“At Gondwana we create tough outdoor gear, specifically designed to perform in Australia’s harsh environment, vast landscapes, and extreme weather conditions. It is great to have our gear pushed to the limits on such a trek, as well as to be supporting Mick and Rose on their adventure,” says Stuart Revill, Gondwana General Manager.    

The Canning Stock Route is the longest and one of the most difficult tracks on Earth. It leads through the most remote and inhospitable areas of West Australia, it crosses three deserts and climbs over nine hundred steep sand hills. For nearly 2,000 kilometres of the trek there is no decent supply of food or water and no safe way of escape.

The Canning Stock Route was marked out nearly 100 years ago by Alfred Canning to drive the cattle from Perth to the opposite corner of the continent. However, the conditions were so harsh and casualties so high that Canning Stock Route never truly served its purpose and was forgotten. In 1968 a group of surveyors for the first time drove the complete length of the track with specially prepared motor vehicles.

If you are interested in reading more about their trip visit www.suicideawareness.simplesite.com and to donate head over to www.makingadifference.gofundraise.com.au/page/Webers .

We look forward to keeping you updated on their adventure!

Life’s better in our great outdoors.  

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