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Gondwana Sponsors Tour De Cure 2012

Gondwana is proud to support this extremely worthwhile cause. Tour De Cure is a cycling fundraiser committed to finding a cure for cancer. Since 2007 Tour De Cure has raised over $5.5 million for cancer research, support and prevention project.

The 2012 'Signature Tour' will take 11 days, heading north to Queensland along some of the prettiest and challenging roads in Australia. We have provided a team of cyclists with branded Gondwana 3 Layer Active Shell Jacket to ensure comfort and protection whilst on the road.

The charity has raised over $749,000 as of April 2012 this year and is working harder in their passion to beat the disease that affects 1 in 3 Australians.

Learn more at www.tourdecure.com.au.

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Gondwana On Guru Explore

Guru Explore takes you on a journey across the globe to discover some of the world's great travel experiences. This year we have provided the team of Guru presenters with a range of Gondwana clothing as they travel from one amazing destination to the next. 

Check out our gear featured on the team as they explore Canada and Thailand.



Go Behind The Scenes With Gondwana

Last week we headed to the hills to shoot the latest Gondwana campaign. The beautiful Baw Baw National Park was the setting and although it was extremely cold when we set out on our trek at 6am, thankfully we had Gondwana gear to keep the whole crew warm.

Click here for a sneak peek at behind the scenes.

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Ashleigh Shares Her Rock Climbing Tips

Christina Lazaridis - I eat a healthy diet however I'm unfit. If I decide to take up rock climbing to get fit, what is the entry level of fitness and how much time will need to be allocated towards reaching a reasonable level of fitness?

If you can walk you can climb and I would recommend climbing 3 times a week.

John Porter - What gear do you recommend for a basic outdoor climbing kit?

Shoes, harness, chalk bag, rope, belay device, quick draws (around 10) and boulder matt.

Donna Chadwick - Hi, I've only been indoor rock climbing a few times and really enjoy it, but I always get really sore muscles in my forearms (underside) the next day - are there any ideas or stretches to prevent/minimize this?

Sorry this is delayed onset muscle soreness and probably means you climbed hard (well done). Try to stretch forearms and fingers after each climbing session (if you do a google search you will be able to find some pictures of some stretches you can do).

David Chiew - What is your favourite bouldering/climbing area and why?

Sutherland area because it is close to home. The rock is beautiful and there is a lot of variety. There is also plenty of caves which are my favorite.

Nikki Balzer - Do you need mainly upper body or lower body strength for rock climbing.  Or is just all over muscle, which is what it looks like?

Upper body strength is essential but lower body is also important. So yes, all over muscle is important.

Neil Fitzgerald - I am 53 and above average fitness but scared of heights, can a person of my age tackle this activity?

Of course! I promise it is not as scary as it looks and it is so much fun.

Ewa Malinowska - How did you start rock climbing, and what is it that drives you to continue?

I started climbing through one of my coaches in diving. She told me about the sport and I had to try. I love there is always something I can learn and there is always a boulder I cannot climb yet. That is the main thing that drives me to get better and keep climbing.

Jake Duncan - Do you think that bouldering is a good and cheap way to get into more 'traditional' rock climbing, or are there too many differences between the skill sets?

I love bouldering the most because you don’t need as much gear (just a boulder mat, shoes and a chalk bag). There is a lot more freedom when you boulder as well (no restrictions such as rope or harness)

Clare Sunderland - What's the best way to strength your hands and fingers for climbing?

Hang board and to climb lots.

Ian Hawkins - What gym exercises can you do to help you hang from the ledge for long periods?

Hang board is the best thing and endurance.

Anthony Olovitz - What is your favourite style of Gondwana pants to climb in?

I really like to boulder in the Roebuck shorts.

Emily Lewis - I live in a place where there are no climbing walls and a few good places to go outdoor climbing but am not very good at it! Have you ever considered opening your own indoor rock climbing gym in Bunbury or Busselton WA?

I haven’t but I will get the word out to my climbing friends that there is no gym in those areas and hopefully someone can build one.

Julia Wilkman - How do you keep climbing when you are exhausted but the only option is to continue climbing up?

Pure determination and will to succeed no matter how much your body is telling you to stop.

Louise Johnston - I'm a woman who loves rock climbing, but how can I obtain a lean physique and be a strong climber without bulking up too much in the shoulders and arms?

Women tend to bulk much less than men so I would not worry too much about bulking. If you would like a leaner build, leading tends to create a body type that is less ‘bulky’ as the moves tend to be less explosive and muscles need to have more endurance hence leaner muscle is built.

Rachael Goldsmith - As a chick climber, how does it feel to be at a level where you can hold your own against the guys, and what was your inspiration/ motivation to get to that level?

It feels good. I love to be challenged by the male climbers and learn from them. I started to ask the question “what if?” and “why not?” This helped me push past my limits and still does.

David Anstee - What is the most important factor for improving outdoor grades: strength, move repertoire or mental preparation, or is it something else? And what is the best way to improve it?

It is all the things you have mentioned. The best way to improve all these things is through hard training, practice and experience.

Chris Kaszubski - What's your scariest rock climbing moment? Any "life flashing before your eyes" type scenarios?

No not yet (thankfully) although I have had many moments were my head has been way too close to a rock (good spotters are to thank for my head still being in one piece).

Tze Tay - How do you prevent back injury during rock climbing?

Core strength.

Kateena Morey - What is your favourite recipe/s when you are preparing for competitions?

High carb meal pre-comp. Usually brown pasta with kangaroo and vegies (yes, I love to eat our national animal).

Fiona Wainwright - What type of training do you do prior to competitions for bouldering and how do you keep up the motivation to train?

Mainly bouldering outside and this keeps me motivated as I love climbing outdoors the most.

Rowena Bale - With men having a somewhat natural upper strength advantage over women in bouldering, do women boulder differently or have an advantage of their own?

I think women can use technique a lot more than men. This is mainly because we don’t have as much natural strength so technique is the next best thing. 

Kelly Simpson - How do you overcome the mental challenges associated with been an athlete in such a physically challenging sport?

Pure self belief and determination to succeed. 

Skye George - How do you mentally prepare yourself for when the going gets tough?

Wanting to succeed is a huge driving force for me and wanting to push my limits.

Rebecca Wood - Where is the most amazing place that you have gone rock climbing? What made it so amazing?

Patagonia in South America. The mountains were so spectacular and the environment was so surreal. It was like being on another planet.

Pam Payne - Is age a limiting factor in rock climbing? I'm now middle-aged and whilst I climbed in my 20s with the Army Reserve, I've not made the time since to fit it in. Will indoor climbing give me a good re-introduction to the sport and what sort of training schedule should I follow? Why is it I never see pictures anywhere of older climbers?

No age is not a limiting factor (one thing that makes it so great). Indoor climbing is a good place to start again. I recommend climbing up to 3 times a week mostly top roping. I’m not sure why there aren’t many pictures of older people climbing.

Lynette Murphy - How taxing is rock climbing on a person's knees?

It depends on the level of climbing. Some techniques such as drop knees can put strain on knees. Also jumping from the top of the wall when bouldering could potentially injure knees. It all depends on the situation but the risk can be minimized.

Carolyn De Graaf - If you can't get to a climbing wall, what exercise to you recommend to help with climbing?

Cross training such as pushups, dips, chin-ups, running, strength training, yoga, pilates. Anything is better than nothing.

Georgia Reid - What is the most difficult thing you have had to overcome in your ascension in your chosen sport?

Belief that it is possible to push harder than I think. Also developing my strength again after 2 dislocated shoulders was a challenge.

Andrew L - What specific gym/weights work do rock climbers need to do in order to excel at this sport?

Lots of body weight exercises e.g. pushups, dips, chin-ups, plank.

Charmaine Feltrin - Have you ever had a close call when climbing where and when did it happen?

Yes, there were moments when I nearly hit my head against rocks falling from a boulder. The last time was in Magnetic Island, thankfully I had really good spotters.   

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