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September 2013

New logo and branding for Gondwana

Coinciding with the launch of Gondwana’s latest range is the launch of the new branding and logo for Gondwana.

Inspiration for the new logo and branding has been drawn from the original brand mark, the name and meaning of ‘Gondwana’ and the spirit of the brand. 

“It’s an exciting time of change for us at Gondwana.” Says Stuart Revill, General Manager. “The logo has been developed to reflect what Gondwana stands for; an outdoor apparel brand that is distinct and different in the marketplace,” 

“The new graphic reflects the evolving direction of Gondwana; we are a brand that inspires individual experiences, human connectivity, and time treasured,” adds, Catriona Dolphin, Product Manager. 

The new logo utilises interlocking ‘G’ letterforms to create a dynamic vortex like graphic. The wrapping forms curve and support each other expressing connectivity, strength and reliability. Through this layout, the unity of the ‘G’ letterforms creates a graphic that symbolises the new direction of the brand. A direction of togetherness, strength and reliability, all of which interprets through to apparel that is robust, durable and encourages you to stay outdoors for longer.

To keep a visual connection with the original branding and the meaning behind ‘Gondwana’, the new Gondwana logo features colours derived from the landscapes of our great southern land. Earthy tones of burnt orange, sunrise yellow and cloud grey work harmoniously to deliver a palette that connects to the Gondwana brand and links to their familiar voice of comfort, quality, function, adventure and connecting.

The brand essence draws from the past, connecting to the original Great Southern Land mass known as Gondwana, which broke free to form the current day continents and islands. The brand belives in breaking free, exploring, adventure, connecting and creating moments with the people that matter most.

Life’s better in our great outdoors. 

Visit the website at www.gondwanaoutdoor.com.au

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