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May 2009

Sustainable Clothing The Only Way Forward
The final frontier in the eco battle, clothing is now in the spotlight with Australian company Gondwana introducing their third eco-friendly fabric range.

Gondwana Managing Director, Stephen Nowak, believes this is the only way forward for clothing manufacturers.

“With the introduction of Recycled Fleece we are cementing our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. It is no longer good enough to just have a token range of eco clothing, sustainable manufacturing needs to be addressed now. Renewable and recycled fabrics are the way of the future, and it is our hope to one day have our entire range created from eco-friendly fabric resources”.

Having long been interested in sustainable manufacturing, Gondwana has utilised a range of sustainable fibres with natural performance properties as an alternative to traditional synthetic performance fabrics.

These include bamboo and soy, renewable and sustainable yarn fabrics that have a host of highly technical properties. Their latest addition, Recycled Fleece, is made from landfill-headed recycled plastic containers and polyester.

From mens to womens to childrens, Gondwana has 9 different eco-friendly ranges with over 30 different styles including shirts, wet weather jackets, tees, singlets, base layers, pullovers, fleece and pants.

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