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April 2009

Smart Shell
The future is here.

Gondwana brings you the way forward in active outerwear.

The Gondwana Smart Shell is no ordinary jacket. 
Utilizing advanced fabric technology the Smart Shell is 100% seam-free, with no stitching or taping. It is a fully fused garment. 

It is also a high performance garment. Created for nature lovers and thrill seekers alike the Smart Shell is rainproof, breathable, moisture-wicking, whisper-quiet and extremely lightweight (weighing in at just 400g).

With cutting-edge fabric technology and high performance properties the Gondwana Smart Shell fuses adventure with style - resulting in a jacket that is as at home wandering the city streets as it is trekking up a mountain side.

Want to know more? Check out www.gondwanaoutdoor.com.au/smartshell.html

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