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Outdoor Addict Tim Addicoat

Outdoor Addict AJ Amanda Jane Renyolds


Self confessed coffee nerd, ski enthusiast, travel addict and horse rider.

Jean has been riding horses for the past 20 years. Originally trained in classical dressage she has since taken an interest in long distance riding and enjoys lazy afternoons with her purebred Arabian, Razaan. During the winter months you’ll find her on a bike, in a café or getting a coffee on the ski slopes in Victoria.

In recent years Jean has successfully competed in numerous equestrian pursuits and adventure racing in between travelling around the world. Who would have thought that someone who hates riding up hills would happily compete in adventure racing?

Jean enjoys anything that involves good friends, good coffee, and a mountain.


Kristan (Fisch)

Kristan Fischer (Fisch) has often been described as the Energiser Bunny that just won’t say die. In an earlier life he was a Mechanical and Space Engineer but has now turned his learnings towards adventure and expeditions.

Fisch has spent the last six years globetrotting around the world in search of the unusual and crazy adventures. He has ridden a soviet era motorcycle 2000km on a frozen river into the Siberian Arctic deep in the middle of winter, ridden (and pushed) a Tuk Tuk 2700km over the Peruvian Andes, and travelled 3000km down the Ho Chi Minh trail on nothing more than a cheap Chinese postie bike – to name a few.

When Fisch isn’t on an expedition or adventure he is busy working with kids teaching outdoor education and working with youth at risk programs both domestically in Australia and abroad.



Map reader, cross country skier, mountain bike mechanic, and international cross-country rider.

James Walker has an insatiable flair for adventure and unique sports you’ll most likely find him out on a flowing single track in the Macedon Ranges, trekking through the backcountry in Victorian Alps or relaxing in a small town bakery on his way to or from the mountains.

Enjoys anything that involves extra toys; mountain biking, hiking, skiing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.

Mark Soyer

Mark Soyer is a true advocate to the idea that life is better in our great outdoors, and an even greater advocate that life is better when going downhill, especially in a sit-ski.

An avid skier prior to a motorbike accident in 2004, Mark is far better than most able-bodied skiers. A competitive athlete before his accident, he quickly mastered the art of sit-skiing, or mono-skiing, during his rehabilitation. He found that when you're skiing it doesn't make a difference if you have a disability. Since the very first day of being in a sit ski he has gone from strength to strength with being awarded the Steven J. Ricci Award at Winter Park for exemplify team leadership and sportsmanship, hiking and skiing the Highlands Bowl in Aspen, and racing at the 2015 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships in Panorama, Canada, are just some of his many achievements.

Mark’s passion for the outdoors doesn’t just stop with his own personal achievements, eager to give others that taste of physical freedom, Mark is a volunteer with Disabled WinterSport Australia, assisting people with various physical or mental disabilities learn how to find their own freedom on the snow.

Teddi Threatt

Teddi Threatt is from the Arizona Deserts of the US, she’s always up for fun.

Teddi started her adventuring as US ambassador for Jump At Life co. where she became a skydiver and found a love for living life in the moment. Whether that moment is five thousand kilometers across Australia on motorbike or rock climbing in caves under fire light, anything goes.

When she is not adventuring shes volunteering at outdoor education programs, packing parachutes or scoffing Tim Tams.



Outdoor Addict Tim Addicoat

Tim Addicoat

Tim Addicoat moved to Melbourne from the Macedon Ranges several years ago and has become quite accustomed to the ‘brunch culture’ of the city but he still loves all things outdoors, whether it be in the bush, on a cliff face, or even in the urban jungle, adventure is everywhere you just have to find it.

When the weather is good and not too cold you will usually find him climbing somewhere in one of the many great cliffs in Victoria, but his personal favorite is Mt Arapiles. And when the weather is a bit colder its more likely that you will find him trying to get to the mountains for a bit of snowboarding.

He is currently working on his own rock climbing business, V-Climb.



Outdoor Addict AJ Amanda Jane Renyolds

AJ (Amanda Jane Reynolds

AJ’s path to becoming an internationally competitive para-canoeist has been defined by a determination to control her own fate.

At the age of 17, a dislocated knee caused ongoing injury that would consume AJ’s life for almost 20 years. Triggered by the smallest strain, the recurring injury could not be helped by numerous operations and prescriptions. The doctors eventually discovered that AJ’s condition was being further aggravated by a central nervous disorder which lead to stronger pain medication being administered. AJ was benched firmly on the sidelines and driven to ask the radical question, would her quality of life be better without the leg?

In April 2012 AJ, alongside her husband Wayne and two sons, Broc and Tyler, made the decision to amputate the lower part of her right leg. After years of living in pain this drastic action would see AJ take control of her life and not only survive but thrive.

Eventually free from medication and fitted with a prosthetic limb, AJ took on her first canoeing challenge with a friend. Completing the annual Murray Marathon. AJ set the foundations for an escalating set of challenges, taking on and dominating the para-canoe world.

Her debut to international racing, at the 2014 World Canoe Sprint Championships in Moscow, earned her a bronze medal and showed her that there wasn’t much between her and being the best in the world. In the following year she assessed her strengths and weaknesses and developed a plan of attack to make the next leap up the ladder. The following year, at the 2015 World Canoe Sprint Championships in Milan, AJ smashed out the best race of her life and the rest is history. Following the World Championships, AJ competed at the Rio Olympic Test Event where she backed up her victory again. The now World Champion has her sights set firmly on Paralympic Gold in Rio 2016 and making herself untouchable by anyone in her league.

AJ’s success has earned her support from the Victorian Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, and Australian Canoeing.


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