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July 2009

Travellers are defying the economic crisis
Australians’ attitudes towards travel have not changed despite tough times, new survey discovers.

38% of travelling Australians say the economic crisis will not affect their travel plans in any way, a Gondwana Outdoor travel survey has found.

The survey discovered that despite the gloomy economic times Australians are still crazy about travel, with 95% of respondents planning travel within the next year.

Asked whether the current economic problems would affect their travel plans, 38% replied not at all, 15% said they would travel domestically instead of internationally and 20% said they would still travel overseas, but to a more cost effective destination.

The online survey, conducted by Gondwana Outdoor clothing company and responded to by over 1300 people, asked participants about their current attitudes to travel and experiences while away, and also found that:
  • Lying while travelling is commonplace with over 50% of respondents admitting to lying while on holiday, with the most popular lies being related to marital status, occupation and life in Australia.

  • We’re were more likely to take risks while on holidays, with respondents 3.3 times more likely to engage in extreme sports while away than when at home.

  • Australians are willing to go outside their comfort zone, with 56% of respondents having travelled solo, and most of them finding it a positive, rather than negative experience.

The online survey was completed by over 1300 people throughout the month of April as part of Gondwana’s “Win a Gondwana Travel Wardrobe” travel competition.  

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